Northern Lights Weather Forecast

Best apps to check the forecast of the northern lights in Rovaniemi

There are several reliable apps that provide information about the activity of the northern lights in Rovaniemi. Here is an overview of the best northern lights apps:

  1. Aurora Forecast – This app provides real-time Aurora Borealis forecasts based on various factors like solar activity, cloud cover, and geomagnetic data. It offers customizable notifications and an easy-to-use interface.
  2. My Aurora Forecast & Alerts – This app offers accurate Aurora Borealis forecasts and provides alerts when the Northern Lights are likely to be visible in your location. It also includes weather information and a global Aurora map.
  3. Aurora – Aurora Forecast and Alerts – This app provides detailed Aurora Borealis forecasts, including hourly predictions and visibility ratings. It offers an interactive map and allows you to set location-based alerts for optimal viewing conditions.
  4. Northern Eye – Aurora Forecast – This app offers Aurora Borealis forecasts along with cloud cover and moon phase information. It provides a 3-day forecast and allows you to save your favorite locations for quick access.
  5. TPE – The Photographer’s Ephemeris – While not specifically designed for Northern Lights, this app is useful for photographers. It provides information on sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset times, which can help you plan your Northern Lights photography sessions.

Remember that while these apps provide valuable data, the visibility of the Northern Lights is still dependent on various natural factors.

It’s always recommended to check multiple sources, monitor local weather conditions, and seek dark sky locations for the best chance of witnessing the Aurora Borealis.